Talking Indonesia: Covid-19 and early childhood education

According to Unicef, more than 60 million students in Indonesia have been temporarily out of school due to Covid-19, presenting the country’s education sector with unprecedented challenges. How have schools responded to these challenges? How have children and parents reacted? And what are the likely long-term implications of prolonged home schooling for Indonesian children?


In this week’s Talking Indonesia podcast, Dr Dirk Tomsa discusses the impact of Covid-19 on early childhood education in Indonesia with Dr Vina Adriany, head of the Department of Early Childhood Education at the School of Graduate Studies at Indonesia University of Education (UPI) in Bandung.


In 2020, the Talking Indonesia podcast is co-hosted by Dr Dirk Tomsa from La Trobe University, Dr Dave McRae from the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute, Dr Jemma Purdey from the Australia-Indonesia Centre and Deakin University and Dr Charlotte Setijadi from Singapore Management University.


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Photo by Didik Suhartono for Antara.


Dirk Tomsa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy at La Trobe University.