Talking Indonesia: urban planning

Rapid urbanisation poses many challenges for Indonesian policy makers, including traffic congestion, pollution, and a lack of parks and green space. The pace of change has also meant that heritage sites are often destroyed or compromised.


How have Indonesian leaders responded to the challenges that their cities face? What factors inhibit heritage conservation, and why is it important? And what can be done to ensure cities develop as sustainable and inclusive spaces?


In this edition of Talking Indonesia, I discuss these issues and more with Widjaja Martokusumo, professor in architecture and urban heritage conservation at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).


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Photo by Flickr user Priscilla Huwae.


Dr Ken Setiawan is a Lecturer in Asian and Indonesian Studies at the Asia Institute. She is also an Associate of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS) at Melbourne Law School.