Amanda Achmadi

Amanda Achmadi is a senior lecturer in Architectural Design (Asian Architecture and Urbanism) at the Melbourne School of Design. Amanda completed her undergraduate degree in architecture at Bandung’s Parahyangan University and her doctorate degree in architecture and Asian studies at the University of Melbourne. Her research works explore how identity politics operate through architectural productions and formation of built environments in colonial and postcolonial Indonesia.

In spite of the challenges involved with establishing a new capital, Dr Amanda Achmadi writes that the proposal is a valuable opportunity to discuss what constitutes Indonesia beyond Java, and how regional Indonesians see their future as part of the nation.

Most Indonesian streets appear tired and unloved. But they are also the only truly public spaces in Indonesian cities. Dr Amanda Achmadi profiles Visual Jalanan, an initiative that aims to document the provocative, profound and often silly visual works and activities found on streets across the country.