The Indonesia at Melbourne blog was launched in July 2015 to present analysis, research and commentary on contemporary Indonesia from academics and postgraduate students affiliated with the University of Melbourne. It aims to stimulate debate and provide a forum for exchange of information and opinion on current events in Indonesia.


The emphasis is on politics but the blog also covers law, anthropology, culture, history, economics, architecture and public health, reflecting the diversity of expertise on contemporary Indonesia at the university.


Indonesia at Melbourne is a joint initiative of the Asia Institute in the Faculty of Arts, the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS) in the Melbourne Law School, and the University of Melbourne’s Indonesia Forum. It is also generously supported by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor Simon Evans.


Indonesia at Melbourne is edited by Tim Mann. Professor Tim Lindsey, Director of CILIS, and Dr Dave McRae, from The Asia Institute, serve on the blog’s advisory board.


The blog also hosts guest contributions from University of Melbourne alumni and external experts in Australia and Indonesia. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to the site.


The opinions expressed by contributors to Indonesia at Melbourne are the authors’ own, and not those of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society, the Asia Institute, the Indonesia Forum, or the University of Melbourne.


Unless otherwise stated, all content on Indonesia at Melbourne is under a Creative Commons license, meaning that work can be republished and shared freely, under these guidelines.

Comments Policy

We encourage readers to engage with our posts, and all readers will have the opportunity to comment on content. All comments are reviewed before publication, so there may be some delay before they are visible on the site.


We encourage lively debate but please be respectful of others. Comments considered inflammatory, offensive or irrelevant will not be published. The editors reserve the right to remove comments or parts of comments if we believe that they have caused, or may cause, offense.


We may also edit comments for grammar and punctuation.



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