Herlambang P Wiratraman

Dr Herlambang P Wiratraman is a lecturer and executive director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University. He is also chair of the Indonesian Lecturers Association for Human Rights (SEPAHAM Indonesia, 2014-2017) and previously served as head of the Indonesian Association of Legal Philosophy (AFHI, 2013-2014).

If scholarships are designed to strengthen the next generation of thinkers in Indonesia, writes Herlambang P Wiratraman, judging recipients on their “loyalty” to whoever controls government is entirely counterproductive.

Demonstrations on International Labour Day have recently featured somewhat surprising calls for the dissolution of the Industrial Relations Court. Dr Herlambang P Wiratraman looks at why the court – originally intended to provide greater protection for workers’ rights – has failed to live up to its promise.