Iqra Anugrah

Dr Iqra Anugrah is a research fellow at the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education, and Information (LP3ES) in Jakarta. He is also a contributing editor for Indoprogress, an online platform connecting progressive scholars and activists in Indonesia. He currently serves as an Indonesia-based correspondent fellow for New Mandala.

Women’s contributions to fishing communities often go unnoticed. Dr Iqra Anugrah reports on several women who are engaging in policy advocacy to make a real difference for fishing communities.

Previous attempts by the Indonesian left to move into politics have not met with much success. Iqra Anugrah looks at the Confederation of Indonesian People’s Movements (KPRI), an emerging alliance that is now making preparations to participate in elections in 2017 and 2019. Will it be able to make an impact where others have struggled?