You can access the full Gerindra election policy document here. (link is external) (A full English translation is not available)

Partai Gerindra (link is external) (Gerakan Indonesia Raya, the Great Indonesian Movement Party) gained 11.8 per cent of the vote on April 9. Although the official result of the election has not yet been released, “quick counts” and surveys suggest that Gerindra will become a force in the so-called “big three” parties in the House of Representatives, along with the PDI-P (18.9 per cent) and Golkar Party (14.3 per cent).


During the election, Gerindra promoted “pro-people” programs under the banner “Six Action Programs for the Nation’s Transformation 2014-2109“. Under the slogan, “Gerindra Wins, Prabowo President!”, the party is promising to:

  1. Build a strong, independent, fair and prosperous economy
  2. Uphold a “pro-people” – as opposed to pro-market – economy
  3. Build food and energy independency, and secure reliable water resources
  4. Improve Indonesia’s human development ranking through investment in education, health, social, cultural and sporting programs
  5. Build infrastructure, while also conserving the environment
  6. Build a strong, effective government free of corruption


How these objectives might be achieved is not spelled out in detail. But in general language Gerindra has pledged to:

  1. Increase income per capita from $3,500 USD to $6,000 USD
  2. Increase economic growth from 7 per cent to above 10 per cent
  3. Invest more budget into farming, forestry, fisheries, small cooperatives and small-to-medium sized businesses
  4. Increase grants for farmers, fishermen and factory workers
  5. Establish a Farmer Bank for agricultural and fisheries workers, traditional traders and small-scale enterpreneurs
  6. Protect the traditional markets
  7. Protect migrant workers
  8. Ensure that 30 per cent of ministries and senior government positions are held by women
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