Talking Indonesia: addressing the legacy of 1965

How is the Indonesian government addressing the legacy of 1965? What could the government do that would be meaningful to victims of 1965, including former political prisoners?


In this week’s Talking Indonesia podcast, I speak to Dr Ken Setiawan (from the Asia Institute) about these issues, who addresses them through the lens of her trip with her father to Buru Island in eastern Indonesia earlier this year, where he was held as a political prisoner from 1971 until 1978. Dr Setiawan has also recently published a photo essay on the journey at Inside Indonesia.


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Hersri Setiawan (right) with a fellow former political prisoner, Tedjobayu Sudjojono, at Sanleko beach, where they first arrived on Buru Island. Photo by Ken Setiawan.


Dave McRae is a Senior Lecturer at the Asia Institute in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. He is also an Associate at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society.

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