Akhmad Misbakhul Hasan

Akhmad Misbakhul Hasan is Secretary General of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA). Prior to taking up this role in 2018, he was active for 15 years in NGOs, with a focus on macro-economics, governance, national and local planning and budgeting, gender-responsive budgeting, infrastructure, and other areas of public policy.

Repeated amendments, growing tensions between the centre and the regions and a lack of public consultation appear to be part of the ‘new normal’ for Indonesia’s budget in 2020. But is there a better way? Akhmad Misbakhul Hasan dives into the politics of economic recovery from the pandemic.

Despite an ongoing battle for reform, corruption runs rampant in Indonesia’s civil service, writes Akhmad Misbakhul Hasan.

Jokowi’s government has spent big on infrastructure over the past five years. Akhmad Misbakhul Hasan takes a look at where the money has come from, and where some – but not all – of it has gone.