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OECD: Why is Indonesia trying to join ‘the rich club’?

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On 2 May 2024, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presented Airlangga Hartarto, the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, with a roadmap to guide accession discussions with Indonesia. The OECD review could have a big impact on Indonesia’s political and economic system. So what’s in it for Indonesia?

Talking Indonesia: electrifying Indonesia

Harnessing electricity has always been at the centre of Indonesia’s dreams of development. Indeed, the very establishment of PLN, Indonesia’s ubiquitous state electricity company, was part of a wider nation building project to create a prosperous and socially just Indonesia. In this episode of Talking Indonesia Jacqui Baker chats with Dr Anto Mohsin about the role of electricity in the forging of Indonesia.

What does the EU’s new deforestation regulation mean for Indonesia?

The EU’s recent deforestation initiative, as the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), poses a significant challenge to countries with a comparative advantage in commodity-based sectors, like Indonesia.

Talking Indonesia: kretek capitalism

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What kinds of labour - paid, under-paid and unpaid - keep the the kretek industry fabulously profitable in Indonesia? In this episode of Talking Indonesia Elisabeth Kramer chats with Dr Marina Welker about her new book and deep dive on how multinational tobacco corporations impact the lives of ordinary Indonesians.

Is Mohammad Hatta’s cooperative economic vision still relevant today?

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Muhammad Hatta was a forward-thinking intellectual whose ideas regarding collaborative economics prefigured today's degrowth movement. His economic ideas present a viable and fair alternative to the capitalist paradigms driving social inequality and environmental degradation.

Prabowo’s China dilemma

Since Jokowi came to power, China has become Indonesia’s biggest trading partner and a major source of investment. Indonesia has benefited from China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and China’s investment in the local nickel industry has been pivotal in accelerating Indonesia’s dominance in that industry. So it is not surprising that Prabowo visited China earlier this month, well ahead of his formal inauguration.

China-Indonesia economic cooperation cannot continue to overlook human security

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For national elites, China is now widely seen as a providential partner whose capital and technology are pivotal for a development agenda centred on infrastructure, digitalisation and downstreaming activities. But while Chinese funding has helped Indonesia rise up the value chain, it is clear this comes at a high cost to local people and the natural environment.

Talking Indonesia: food security

In 2023 an EL Niño weather pattern across Indonesia made it the hottest year on record, leading to drought conditions and impacting rice production, with delayed harvests and low yields. Since late last year rice prices have continued to climb. In this episode of Talking Indonesia Jemma Purdey chats with Associate Professor Jamie Davidson, leader of the Cluster ‘Food Politics and Society' at the National University of Singapore, about the current state of food production and food security in Indonesia.

Talking Indonesia: energy transition

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In the recent national elections, the candidates paid surprisingly little attention to one of the greatest challenges Indonesia and the world at large is currently facing – that of climate change. What are Indonesia’s stated commitments and ambitions towards an energy transition away from fossil fuels? Does it have a plan to get there? And what will it take?

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