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Talking Indonesia: gamelan music

In November 2023, a unique event occured. Eight gamelan groups came together to perform at a small church in Northcote, a suburb in North Melbourne. In this episode of Talking Indonesia, Tito Ambyo chats with the people who organised this gathering: John Cheong-Holdaway, an Australian gamelan musician; Eka Poedijono, daughter of the late Pak Poedijono; and Jocelyn Tribe, a biracial artist who connected with her Indonesian ancestry later in life.

Talking Indonesia: marriage migration and intercultural families

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Asian women who are developing relationships with men from Western countries, like Australia, be it through snail mails, online sites or other means, often have to face the stereotype of the ‘subservient woman’. In her new book, anthropologist Emeritus Professor Kathryn Robinson looks at intercultural marriages between Asian women and Australian men.
Bench Lacemaking students likely at Keradjinan Amai Satia, Kotogadang, 1915. (KITLV shelfmark 5557), http://hdl.handle.net/1887.1/item:787418

Talking Indonesia: women writers in the colonial era

Soenting Melajoe was the first newspaper for women published in West Sumatra during the colonial era in the Dutch East Indies. Bronwyn Beech Jones's PhD looks at how women and girls from Sumatra articulated their experiences and conceived of themselves, their communities and aspirations in Malay language periodicals published between 1912 and 1929.

Talking Indonesia: election special

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Prabowo has exceeded expectations to claim victory in 2024 Indonesian presidential election. What do our Talking Indonesia's co-hosts think about the result? In this episode of Talking Indonesia, the co-hosts Jemma Purdey, Lis Kramer, Jacqui Baker and Tito Ambyo get together to chat about the election result, their analysis plus their hopes and fears for the future of Indonesian democracy.

Talking Indonesia: Indonesian student armies

In this episode of Talking Indonesia, Tito Ambyo chats with Jonathan Tehusijarana about the history of Tentara Pelajar – student militia units – that were active during the Indonesian War of Independence and how this history still colours the Indonesian understanding of the term pemuda, meaning youth.

Talking Indonesia: YouTubers

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As of July 2023, Indonesia 139 million YouTube viewers making it one of the biggest YouTube audiences in the world. And yet, the world of YouTube in Indonesia still remains under-researched on the international stage. 

Talking Indonesia: decoloniality and independence

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We see that 78 years after Soekarno proclaimed independence in 1945 – Indonesians are still asking the question “sudahkah kita merdeka?” – are we truly independent yet. In this week’s episode of Talking Indonesia, Tito Ambyo chats with Tamara Soukotta about her research into conflicts in Ambon how to celebrate Independence Day critically and decolonially.

Talking Indonesia: sand mining

According to a report from the UN, sand is the second most exploited natural resource in the world after water. Done without care, sand mining can cause coastal areas or even whole islands to disappear. Some fishing communities in Indonesia are at risk of losing their livelihoods and cultures due to sand mining operations.

Talking Indonesia: Gen Z voters

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Generation Z will vote in their first general elections in 2024. How will they vote? Tito Ambyo sits down with Abigail Limuria and Dharmadji Suradika from Bijak Memilih, a website helping young people understand Indonesia's political landscape.

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