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Talking Indonesia: refugees growing up in limbo

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The recent arrivals of boatloads of Rohingya refugees on Aceh’s shores is a stark reminder that the asylum seeker issue is not going away. With onward pathways to Australia and beyond cut off and resettlement extremely slow, will Indonesia shift its rhetoric and recognise its status as a destination, rather than a transit country for refugees? What will this mean for those stranded in Indonesia? Will they finally be permitted to integrate and make a place in society? In this week's episode Dr. Jemma Purdey chats with Antje Missbach, Professor of Sociology at Bielefeld University, Germany.

Talking Indonesia: marriage migration and intercultural families

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Asian women who are developing relationships with men from Western countries, like Australia, be it through snail mails, online sites or other means, often have to face the stereotype of the ‘subservient woman’. In her new book, anthropologist Emeritus Professor Kathryn Robinson looks at intercultural marriages between Asian women and Australian men.

Rohingya, politics and disinformation in Indonesia

With national and presidential elections taking place next month, several politicians – both within Aceh and nationally – have already sought to boost their nationalist credentials by capitalising on the insidiousness of anti-Rohingya rhetoric.

Talking Indonesia: Indonesian encounters in Israel and Palestine

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Formal diplomatic relations do not exist between Israel and Indonesia so direct interactions between these two peoples are rare. Yet as Indonesia’s expanding middle classes enjoy greater access to international travel, Muslim and Christian Indonesians are increasingly visiting the holy land. Have these encounters shifted the perceptions of these pilgrims about the conflict Israel-Palestine conflict? Jemma Purdey explores this question with anthropologist Mirjam Lücking.

Talking Indonesia: religion, gender and migrant worker identity

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The World Bank estimated in 2016 that over 8.9 billion US dollars flowed back to Indonesia via remittances. However, it is limiting to view the experiences of overseas workers purely in economic terms. Lis Kramer's guest today, Dr Lailatul Fitriyah, has researched and published on the migrant worker experience through an intersectional lens, focusing on how gender and religion shape the lived experiences of women working overseas.

Business partnerships the winner from Jokowi’s visit but visa reforms fall short

For years, Indonesian and Australian leaders have been meeting to shake hands and declare the huge potential for our two countries to build closer relations. The visit to Sydney last week by Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo…

Talking Indonesia: expatriates

In January 2021, a case that became known as ‘digital-nomad-gate’ gripped both Indonesia’s social and conventional media channels and was also reported around the world. This is just one of many cases in recent years which have caught out foreigners in Indonesia for breaking laws and flouting or ignoring social and cultural norms and sensitivities.

Illegal or protected? Indonesia’s inconsistent policy on refugees

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Febi Yonesta writes that Indonesia desperately needs to resolve the inconsistency between refugee policy and practice if it is to respect and protect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees who may be in the country for years to come.

Talking Indonesia: protecting migrant workers

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How will the newly passed Law on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers improve conditions for the millions of Indonesian citizens working overseas? What more needs to be done? Dr Jemma Purdey chats to Migrant CARE Director Anis Hidayah in the latest episode of Talking Indonesia.

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