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The end of KPK prosecutions? The Gazabla Saleh case

In late May 2024, Indonesia’s Anti-corruption Commission (KPK) began prosecuting former Supreme Court Judge Gazalba Saleh in the Central Jakarta District Court. On the surface, there appeared to be nothing unusual about this case. However, the decision the three judges handed down in Saleh’s case was anything but usual. They unanimously accepted his eksepsi, holding that KPK prosecutors had no authority.

Proposed laws could revive Indonesia’s media oligarchy

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The Indonesian public has been taken aback by two proposed changes to Indonesia’s media landscape. If these regulations are enacted, it will go a long way towards restoring the power of Indonesia’s traditional media oligarchs, whose influence has notably waned in the digital era.

Legislature’s parting gifts to Prabowo imperil democracy

Two bills currently before the Indonesian parliament raise real concerns about the future of democracy and the rule of law in Indonesia, even before Prabowo takes office in October. If enacted, these laws remove the last real checks on the power of the presidency.

Majapahit: the most powerful empire in Asia that most people have never heard of

There are signs that modern Indonesian is replicating some of the triumphs of the past. After a blood-soaked first encounter, the Majapahit empire found a way to come to an accommodation with the mighty emperors who ruled China.

Indonesia, Israel and the OECD: What is really going on?

The recent revelation that Indonesia is considering normalising ties with Israel as part of its bid to join the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has surprised the international community and the Indonesian public. The Indonesian government’s actual stance remains ambiguous. However, any move to normalise relations with Israel could have major repercussions for Indonesian foreign policy and the domestic political landscape.

Is Mohammad Hatta’s cooperative economic vision still relevant today?

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Muhammad Hatta was a forward-thinking intellectual whose ideas regarding collaborative economics prefigured today's degrowth movement. His economic ideas present a viable and fair alternative to the capitalist paradigms driving social inequality and environmental degradation.

China-Indonesia economic cooperation cannot continue to overlook human security

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For national elites, China is now widely seen as a providential partner whose capital and technology are pivotal for a development agenda centred on infrastructure, digitalisation and downstreaming activities. But while Chinese funding has helped Indonesia rise up the value chain, it is clear this comes at a high cost to local people and the natural environment.

Golkar powerbrokers jostle for control of Indonesia’s second largest party

As the sun sets on Jokowi’s presidency and the push to replace Hartarto as general chairman of Golkar gains momentum, Jokowi has reportedly set his sights on controlling this influential party.

What does the military’s new regional command structure mean for Indonesia?

In late February, the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Commander-General, Agus Subiyanto, announced an intention to establish a military presence in each province by more than doubling the number of Kodams from 15 to 37. The move signals a concerning shift toward the reinvigoration of the military's dual function (Dwifungsi), a relic of the authoritarian New Order regime.

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