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OECD: Why is Indonesia trying to join ‘the rich club’?

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On 2 May 2024, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presented Airlangga Hartarto, the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, with a roadmap to guide accession discussions with Indonesia. The OECD review could have a big impact on Indonesia’s political and economic system. So what’s in it for Indonesia?

Indonesia, Israel and the OECD: What is really going on?

The recent revelation that Indonesia is considering normalising ties with Israel as part of its bid to join the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has surprised the international community and the Indonesian public. The Indonesian government’s actual stance remains ambiguous. However, any move to normalise relations with Israel could have major repercussions for Indonesian foreign policy and the domestic political landscape.

Prabowo’s China dilemma

Since Jokowi came to power, China has become Indonesia’s biggest trading partner and a major source of investment. Indonesia has benefited from China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and China’s investment in the local nickel industry has been pivotal in accelerating Indonesia’s dominance in that industry. So it is not surprising that Prabowo visited China earlier this month, well ahead of his formal inauguration.

China-Indonesia economic cooperation cannot continue to overlook human security

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For national elites, China is now widely seen as a providential partner whose capital and technology are pivotal for a development agenda centred on infrastructure, digitalisation and downstreaming activities. But while Chinese funding has helped Indonesia rise up the value chain, it is clear this comes at a high cost to local people and the natural environment.

Is the Duterte-Marcos rift a glimpse into the future of the Jokowi-Prabowo alliance?

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Several pundits have drawn comparisons between the Prabowo-Widodo and Marcos-Duterte alliances. So does the recent Duterte-Marcos dispute offer lessons on the long-term viability of these power sharing arrangements? And does it expose possible fault lines to watch out for in the Indonesia context?

Growing Indonesia’s strategic influence in a zero-sum world

The next president needs to devise a strategic and nuanced foreign policy that can elevate Indonesia’s place in the world and take concrete actions to maintain regional stability and prosperity - and that will mean more than just relying on economic growth to do all the work.

Talking Indonesia: Indonesian encounters in Israel and Palestine

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Formal diplomatic relations do not exist between Israel and Indonesia so direct interactions between these two peoples are rare. Yet as Indonesia’s expanding middle classes enjoy greater access to international travel, Muslim and Christian Indonesians are increasingly visiting the holy land. Have these encounters shifted the perceptions of these pilgrims about the conflict Israel-Palestine conflict? Jemma Purdey explores this question with anthropologist Mirjam Lücking.
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Values-based or transactional? Comparing the foreign policies of Indonesia’s presidential candidates

Indonesia has long been known for what it calls its ‘free and active’ (bebas aktif) foreign policy. This policy has endured – but that doesn’t mean we should assume continuity in Indonesian foreign policy when there is a change of president.

How green is China’s Belt and Road investment in Indonesia?

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo met with Chinese President Xi Xinping on the sidelines of the 5th Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Summit in Hong Kong on 17 October. They announced a unveiled a host of new investment deals focused on green development. But how green is Chinese investment, really?

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