Talking Indonesia: police corruption

Allegations by narcotics criminal Freddy Budiman that he had paid off state officials to import drugs, as recounted by human rights activist Haris Azhar in the hours before the kingpin’s execution, have again put the issue of police corruption in the headlines in Indonesia.


How widespread is corruption within the Indonesian police? What power do unaccountable funds afford the institution and its officers? What are the prospects for reform under President Joko Widodo and new Indonesian Police Chief Tito Karnavian?


In this week’s Talking Indonesia podcast, I explore these issues with Dr Jacqui Baker, lecturer in Southeast Asian politics at Murdoch University and a research fellow in the Asia Research Centre. Dr Baker’s publications on the Indonesian police include ‘The Rhizome State: Democratising Indonesia’s Off-Budget Economy’ and the radio documentary ‘Eat Pray Mourn’, produced in collaboration with Dr Siobhan McHugh.


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Photo by Jacqui Baker.